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Paging Dr. Minaya

Thumbnail image for minaya.jpgThe Mets are in trouble.  I think that’s pretty obvious to anyone who has seen the injury reports or the lineups that the Mets have been putting on the field on a nightly basis.  The Mets somehow survived a West Coast trip and a recent homestand with their makeshift roster, but after being swept by the Pirates and in danger of losing a series to the Nationals, it’s time to sound the alarm.

Jose Reyes is out anywhere from 1-3 months (wth a hamstring injury, you just never know).  Carlos Delgado is out until August or later.  JJ Putz is undergoing elbow surgery, and it looks like Billy Wagner might make it back to the team before he does (yikes).  As for the rotation, Oliver Perez is trying to rehab in the minors (take your time, Ollie), John Maine is still not 100% after surgery, Mike Pelfrey is inconsistent when he’s not balking, and Tim Redding is, well, Tim Redding.

Now is the time for Omar Minaya to do something.  I’m not sure what that something is, but that’s why he’s being paid to be the GM.  It will certainly be a challenge, especially for Omar.  When you look at his biggest moves at GM, his acquisitions have either been due to throwing money at free agents, or having players fall into his lap (Johan).  The Mets don’t have much of a minor league system to play with, but the flip side to that is almost no one should be untouchable.  I wouldn’t trade Fernando Martinez (yet), and I would hold onto Bobby Parnell.  Anyone else is fair game.  Daniel Murphy?  Love the guy, but he doesn’t have a position and now he’s struggling to hit.  Jon Niese?  See ya. 

To me, the Mets needs in order of priority are offense and starting pitching.  The Mets could use someone who plays the corner outfield and/or first base.  Could Lance Berkman be available?  He’s a switch hitter who can play first base or the outfield, and could provide some much needed power.  As for starting pitching, the Mets need a solid #2 or #3 type pitcher.  They have their ace for years to come, but they have a bunch of #4’s after Johan. 

I don’t know what Omar can pull off, but the Mets need more than a band aid.  The Mets need Omar to pull off some major surgery.  The way the Mets have been going down with injuries, maybe another surgery isn’t so far fetched.  Let’s hope he can come up with something, and fast, before this season slips away.