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Jikes! Johan Pummeled in Rubber Match

Well, that was a great game, huh?  I knew it was over as soon as the Mets failed to score in the top of the 3rd after loading the bases with no out.  It was only 4-0 then, but the way AJ Burnett was dealing, and the way the Yankees wee swinging the bats, I expected this to end up a Mets defeat.  What I DIDN’T expect was the 9 run explosion by the Yankees in the 4th inning, in the worst outing of Johan Santana’s career.

johan.jpgI’m not crushed by losing a series to the Yankees.  I’d love to see the Mets whip the Yankees, sure, but the hype around the Subway Series has faded.  I was much more disappointed with losing a series to the Phillies than I am now.  However, as a Mets fan, you have to be concerned about the state of Johan Santana.  Is he hurt?  Is he just going through a “dead arm” period?  Or is he just actually human and going through a rough stretch?

I hope it’s the latter.  He was ridiculously good in April and for most of May, with an ERA below 1.00 for a long time.  His W-L record was nowhere near what it should have been thanks to a lack of run support and some poor defense behind him.  But he’s been increasingly shaky his last 4 starts.  In his last start, he allowed 4 home runs to the Phillies, at Citi Field no less (if it had occurred at Citizens Bank Park, that would have been easily dismissed).  And now this.  Johan claims he is not hurt, and hopefully he’s telling the truth.  Maybe he needs to work out some kinks in his mechanics.  Maybe he needs to change up his between-starts routine a bit.  Maybe he needs an extra day or two off before his next start.  Let’s just hope we aren’t hearing about ANOTHER trip to the DL for a Mets player, because this is one player that they cannot afford to lose for any period of time.  Cross your fingers Mets fans.