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Jason Bay has Type A David Wri-tis

Affliction: David Wri-tis

Type A (Diagnosed in 2009)

  • Major Symptom: Loss of power, resulting in the inability to hit home runs.
  • Causes: Moving to a spacious ballpark in Flushing, NY 


Type B (Diagnosed in 2010)

  • Major Symptom: Loss of ability to make consistent contact, resulting in an alarming increase in strikeouts.  Power may return, but will be overshadowed by the inability to make contact.
  • Causes: Overcompensation for Type A David Wri-tis

I like Jason Bay.  In 2008, Bay went from the oblivion of Pittsburgh to the heat of a pennant race in Boston.  Not just that, he was asked to replace Manny Ramirez in the Red Sox lineup after the “Manny being Manny” act had run its course in Boston.  It would have been understandable to see Bay struggle or put up so-so numbers, but he immediately produced and provided clutch hits down the stretch for the Sox.  After a productive 2009 in which Bay hit a career-high 36 home runs, the Mets signed him to add some much-needed power to their lineup.

bay.jpgUnfortunately for the Mets, that power is non-existent.  Through a quarter of the season, Bay
 has one home run.  ONE.  Power hitters tend to be streaky, and Bay has a reputation for being a streaky hitter, but at some point, that should equate to a power streak, right?  It hasn’t happened.   

To his credit, Bay hustles, faces the media every day, and appears to provide solid leadership in the clubhouse.  But you can see this power outage wearing on Bay.  Last night against the Yankees, after another towering fly ball out, Bay could be seen shouting expletives as he ran down the first base line.


Maybe Bay should talk to Rod Barajas, who seems to have avoided David Wri-tis.  Hopefully for the Mets, Bay will find his power stroke.  Without that power, it’s going to be another long season for Mets fans.