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The Grandy Man is a Met

Grandy Man

Who will hit some homers? 

Steal a base or two?

He’s certainly no stiff, but often he will whiff.

The Grandy Man.  

After a lot of talk and little else this offseason, Sandy Alderson and the Mets finally made a significant move as the team agreed to a 4 year, $60 million deal with former Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson.  With several large contracts finally off the books, fans have been waiting for the team to open up their checkbook and make some much-needed improvements.  But until today, their only move had been the signing of Chris Young (the .200 hitting outfielder, not to be confused with the oft-injured pitcher).

So does signing Granderson turn the Mets into contenders?  Heck no.  He’s a flawed player and not a perfect fit.  With the current roster, Granderson would project to hit fourth, and he’s certainly no cleanup hitter.  But the addition of the “Grandy Man” is a start.  He adds power to a team that sorely lacks pop, and the projected outfield of Granderson-Juan Lagares-Young should be one of the better defensive outfields in the league.

The key will be what Alderson does next.  The Mets need to figure out their first base situation (no Lucas Duda, please), could use an upgrade at shortstop, and need to address their bullpen.  With no Matt Harvey in 2014, the Mets also need to fill a spot in their starting rotation.

What tricks does Sandy have up his sleeve?  Will the Wilpons allow him to do much more?   We may find out as soon as next week as Major League Baseball holds their Winter Meetings at Walt Disney World in Orlando.  Hopefully, the Mets bring home more than a pair of Mickey ears.