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Omar, Mets Go Back to the Future

In case you missed it, the Mets announced two major acquisitions this afternoon.  Mets GM Omar Minaya revealed that the club had traded Carlos Delgado and Fernando Tatis from June 2008 in exchange for Carlos Delgado and Fernando Tatis from June 1999.  The trades were actually completed on June 30th, but the Mets held off on announcing them until after today’s trade deadline had passed, for fear other NL teams might try to pull off similar moves.

“We worked long and hard on these deals, and are pleased that we can finally reveal them publicly,” said Minaya.  “After I fired Willie (Randolph), I received a call from a longtime Mets fan who wanted to help us turn things around.  I was skeptical at first, but I think the results speak for themselves.”

dr.jpgThat fan, Emmett Brown, is now a Senior Advisor to the Mets GM, and he helped orchestrate the innovative moves.  “I had been playing out different scenarios in my head since last season’s collapse.  I knew I had a way to “exchange” two players from the past, but I had difficulty deciding who, and when, I should target.”

After carefully studying the roster, Brown discovered the monster years of several players in 1999.  At first, he had planned on targeting a position player (Delgado) and a pitcher (Pedro Martinez or Orlando Hernandez).  However, since players cannot be traded while on the DL, El Duque was out.  Brown and Minaya had issues striking a deal for Martinez with the 1999 Red Sox, and after Moises Alou and Ryan Church went down with injuries, the two decided that Tatis could help their outfield problem.

Details of how the swaps were actually completed are still vague, and many questions have yet to be answered.  But, the results of the acquisitions cannot be questioned, as the “old” Delgado and Tatis have paid immediate dividends.  Just look at the July stats of each player:

Carlos Delgado: .357 AVG, 9 HR, 24 RBI
Fernando Tatis: .397 AVG, 6 HR, 18 RBI

The Mets might not have made any traditional acquisitions at this year’s trade deadline, but the re-emergence of Delgado and Tatis have the Mets poised to make a run at the NL East.   Great Scott!